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The demand for open data is growing; this has been in part since the announcement in the Chancellor's autumn statement in 2011 of the establishment of the Open Data Institute (ODI). The ODI opened in December 2012 with the key aim of creating value from open data, be it social, economic or environmental.
Between January 2010 and September 2012, demand for open data on had grown by 285%, it receives more daily visitors than either its US or French counterpart.

So if you’re not involved already in open data, you should be. This is a fast growing agenda that promises to become more advanced and exciting through 2013.

At we aim to provide users of the site the knowledge and fundamentally the capability to create, contribute to and download a range of datasets within the open data arena.

For each collection of data available on here, you can explore current datasets.  Our informational pages explain how you can share your data or create a new themed sub-domain, get involved!