Tools & information

Open data is now being talked about and exploited more widely with a number of developments building on the early success of, such as RCUK’s Gateway to Research and the launch of the Open Data Institute (ODI).

In capturing or publishing data to be exploited in a linked open data approach we should all be mindful of the vocabulary and structuring of the data. As with the early days of the Web there is still work to be done in defining the standards.  A number of organisations have now started to develop standards and are working together to formalise some of these early standards to enable large datasets to be created from across multiple organisations. Within the research community this includes CASRAI, CERIF in Action and the community itself.    

A major commitment for Higher Education has been the need to deliver efficiencies in research equipment utilisation.  An early enabler has been the Uniquip project - it developed standards for the publication of research facilities and equipment data and provided the mechanism for contribution to the national searchable portal  A number of institutional equipment inventory technologies are able to publish in the standard required for the portal, these include Kit Catalogue, the Agresso Fixed Asset Module and Pure.  See Technology for more information.